Breeding policy


Breeding rules:

* Breeders must follow the breeding rules stated by FCI and Belgium Kennel Club Sint Hubertus

* Both parents must be HD & ED tested before breeding

* HD results must be maximum C, ED result must be maximum 1

* Minimum age for x-rays is 12 months for both parents

* Both parents must have passed socialisation test and/or BH at the moment of the breeding

* Both parents must have minimum show result “Good"

* Breeding Standard Evaluation ( is required from breeding dogs born after 31/12/2010 and owned by an     NBRC member. Dogs born before 01/01/2011 can take part of the test also.

* Both parents must be minimum 24 months old at the moment puppies are being born, breeding female can't be older than 8 years old.

* Both stud male and breeding female registered in Belgium (KMSH-SRSH) regardless if owned by an NBRC        member, have to fill the breeding requirements stated by KMSH-SRSH for pedigree Category 1, including the certificate of conformity, necessary health tests of pedigree categories 1 and 2 and to full fill the breeding advices.

* At least one of the parents must be JLPP tested to be non-carrier (N/N) before breeding

* All born litters will have a puppy control by NBRC

* Foreign owned stud males must fill minimum the NBRC breeding rules concerning HD & ED results mentioned above and fill minimum the breeding rules of their own country as well as have minimum show result “Good” as well as passed socialisation test and/or BH.


    Breeding recommendations:

* Breeders are recommended to follow the advices of the “Vlaamse fokkerijcommissie”

* Both parents are recommended to have minimum show result “Good” or ZTP-test passed/passed with reservations

* Hip-scores of both parents A-C, ED-scores 0-1

Puppy control is a very important issue which allows us to have a correct database. For that reason we expect every NBRC breeder to allow the control to take place. The control costs 35 €. Breeders not allowing the puppy control to take place, will loose their membership for the following year.  


We would like to stimulate every breeder to go the extra mile.

* Every breeder that has joined the NBRC can choose to be mentioned on the website (for free)

* The nests of our breeders are mentioned for free on the website and on the facebook page

* The NBRC provides for its members in puppy mediation, free of charge.


We want to motivate both the rottweiler owners as the breeders to participate in shows and working competitions.

That is why we have come up with a points system. So it is up to the owners of breeding dogs to make sure their combination receives as much points as possible!

Every following title receives 1 point:

* Losh permission to breed through show or certificate

* Socialisation test

* BH (Section 1C) / GP Brevet

* AD (Section 1)


* Breed Standard Evaluation or RST

* GHP I - Schutz I / SpH I / GP Debutants / (Mondio)Ring I / WGH

* GHP II - Schutz II / SpH II / GP Progr 1 / (Mondio)Ring II

* GHP III - Schutz III / GP Progr 2 / (Mondio)Ring III


* Selection (BRK)




* Klubsieger

* Champion’s title

* Körung

Every title can only be applied 1 time

The nests of parents who have proven themselves on shows or working competitions will receive more praise than those of parents without references.

The NBRC wants to compose a database of rottweilers. That is why we need nest controls. They will be executed by independant persons who do not breed rottweilers. Also, we expect from our members to communicate the results of their rottweiler at working competitions to the NBRC. The rottweiler is still a working dog.

Our members are also expected to communicate the show results. This way we can make sure every dog receives the points they are entitled to.

This information will be united on a yearly basis and will be offered on sale by the NBRC to those interested.

We advise our breeders to apply for a barred pedigree for the pups who show faults (such as obvious dental errors or big white markings) regarding the breed standard. As a result they will not be allowed to breed with later on. This way we can improve the quality of the breed which is, in our opinion, the intention of a correct breeding policy.


* NBRC members who neglect to follow the breeding rules will be punished by the board by means of: suspension until the following general assembly which will decide over a prolongation of the suspension or possibly removal as a member, a blame or a warning. Take into consideration that a following breach of the rules no other sanction than a suspension can be given until the following general assembly which will decide over a prolongation of the suspension or a possible removal as a member.

Breeding rules and recommendations can be adjusted by the NBRC board when necessary.

Motivated exceptions on breeding rules can  be allowed from the board.